Искусство и творчество

Искусство и творчество

Origami, Живопись, Fimo и многое другое


Удивительное искусство струн, чтобы украсить ваш дом

Шерсть шерсти достаточно, чтобы создать шедевр

String art consists in creating drawings using only a wooden axis (or other rigid support), nails and colored wire.

The perfect idea for your first masterpiece

find out the perfect subject for your string art with 24 desings:

Klutz String Art Book - Best Choice in US Klutz String Art Book - Best Choice in UK

By connecting with several nails previously placed on the table we will be able to create beautiful designs giving them a three-dimensional look and a really modern look!

String art has its origins in the curve stitch activities invented by Mary Everest Boole at the end of the 19th century to make математический ideas more accessible to children.

It was popularized as a decorative craft in the late 1960s through kits and books.

Are you curious to know how to create your first string art? Watch the video and find out how easy it is!

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